[Game] eden* Trial Version Released!

18. August 2009 01:50


That’s right, everyone!

Minori just released a trial version of their new project eden*.   The demo is decent 513MB large and can be obtained at the eden* official website (if you have a Japanese IP that is). ;-)

I have no idea yet how long that trial version is but keep the following in mind: The ef trial version was about 400 MB smaller and had a playtime of 30 minutes.

Aside from that I  guess I heard some familiar voices. So if I’m right Elica and Yuuko have the same voice actress.

eden5 Elica = Yuuko 2.0?

The soundtrack is great as usual. Well, it’s composed by TENMON so it has to be good, right? And Of course minori also kept the eye and mouth animations.


The whole game interface looks actually the same as in ef.



Widescreen VN ftw!



I’m so looking forward to the full game.