[Anime] Fumiko no Kokuhaku – Fumiko’s Confession

10. November 2009 21:14

fumiko-no-kokuhakuShort Animation, Hooray!

Do you guys remember “Hoshi no Koe” aka “Voices of a Distant Star”? Makoto Shinkai‘s second anime which was released back in 2002? When I watched that one some years ago I was like “What the hell? One man made all this by himself?”. Yeah, I know music was mady by TENMON but the animation… oh, you get the idea. I really was overwhelmed by that beautiful peace of art Shinkai created on a Mac. No, I actually don’t want to start the Mac/PC theme here…. Really, I swear!

However, I’m pulling off my hat to people like Shinkai, who spend  time, money and their lifeblood to create such great things.

So, recently (yesterday) a guy(?) called ishidahiroyasu released his own  2 minute short animation called “Fumiko no Kokuhaku” which can be translated as “Fumiko’s Confession”.


As you may, or may not, could imagine the story revolves around a girl, a boy and a confession. (No way? YES WAY!) Of course it’s not your every day confession.


The guy looks like Shinji, the girl isn’t afraid of giving some fanservice (or maybe she is?)  and the confession doesn’t run as it should.

Shinji, is that you?

Curious? Why don’t you just watch it yourself then?

+Link for all that Nicovideo fags out there

Liked it? I did. You can find more stuff about it at ishidahiroyasu site. He made quite a few things available. Like storyboards & artworks, pics of single frames and even a DVD cover. Wait what? A DVD cover?

DVD cover

I really hope some company will pick it up and release it. I’d buy that DVD for sure.


Also hope to hear and especially see some more stuff from ishidahiroyasu in the future. GO! GO! GO!

Oh, and to bother my mate cyruz a bit, I think this needs a MAL entry. KTHX!

BTW: “WTMFH? Why is De-JaY writing in english now? What is this shit?” Hm… why… yeah… I thought it would be nice if some more people could understand my futile jibba jabba because that is what everyone was waiting for.