[Anime] Darker than BLACK – Ryuusei no Gemini OVA PV

14. November 2009 13:43

dtb-ovaIs today Anime Trailer Day?

You enjoy the second season of Darker than BLACK but you don’t really know what’s going on yet? Maybe the OVA will help you to understand what happended between the first and the second season. With the new PV Studio BONES gives us a short peek of what we could expect.

But again I recommend the original video. You can find it at the DTB Website.


dtb-ova-2Finally some more Yin. The more, the better!

dtb-ova-1 Bad-ass Hei is also way better than that piss artist in the 2nd Season

Sadly we have to wait till January 27th. But as consolation we’ll get a blu-ray release as well. Now that’s what I call damn right!

Yin & HeiYin <3