How to…. ef -> wall

14. November 2009 20:27

hmm... bewbsMy wall finally shines in new splendour

Since my Haruhi Wallscroll came off some weeks ago, because it was way too heavy, the wall over my bed looked really dreary.


Due to work on weekends, trips to Berlin and sheer lazyness it stayed like this for quite a long time. I just couldn’t be arsed to do something about it. But for some strange reason I decided today to get rid of that boring wall. Well, not the wall itself, that might have been a bit hardcore, though a bigger room would be nice,  but the dreariness it gave off.

ef -> wall

It was quickly decided what to attach to the wall. There is the Miyako Shower Curtain I couldn’t dare to use as what it was made for because it’ll really distract me from taking showers. Moreover there’s my Yuuko Dakimakura I couldn’t use so far as well, due the lack of a fitting pillow. And lastly the eden* fabric banner.

Having a concept what to do, I grabbed my car keys and headed to the nearby DIY superstore to get some fixing material. Back home I found some Luxemburgian douchebag parking in my PAID spot. I raged a bit but quickly calmed down. But next time someone’s gonna get sued for sure!


As I unpacked the bought stuff, Kagami and Kagamiku decided to help. Could that go well?


First off, they cut the double faced adhesive tape into little strips. I had to use special tape because these Tesa Powerstrips won’t stick to wallpaper. :(


Whilst Kagamiku had some fun fixing the strips to the hooks that came with the Powerstrips, Kagami was busy pressing them down firmly so they won’t come off. Ganbare, Kagami!

Several minutes later…

hmm... bewbsEt voilà!

Looks like the little Figmas did a decent job on the hooks. The Dakimakura and Shower Curtain didn’t came off.

As you can see there’s no space left for the fabric banner. Though that doesn’t mean I didn’t put it to the wall.

eden*Found another nice place for that one.

Oh, and about the “old” posters… they go back in the box until there’s some use for them.


Hm, I think that’s everything for today. Guess I blogged quite a lot compared to my usual regularity.