Canaan hits German Anime Market

28. November 2009 02:13

CanaanLock ‘n Load

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes even German Anime Publishers are somewhat fast so they license series before any other western country does. Happened before in case of “Black Lagoon” and “Michiko to Hatchin“. Universum Films just announced Game based Anime “Canaan” to be one of their new releases for 2010. Packed on 4 DVDs it should be released monthly, starting June.


Looks like Universum Films will become my favourite German publisher in 2010. First the “Evangelion 1.11” & “2.0” Blu-Ray releases , now “Canaan”. I’m looking forward to more. “Higashi no Eden” would be nice or maybe some more Type-Moon related stuff? We still don’t have “Fate/Stay Night” here in Germany.

Canaan & Maria

That reminds me how much I want GSC’s Canaan Figure. Oh well, just two more months unless she’ll be delayed… orz