Xmas Blog Design & other Christmas Decoration

29. November 2009 21:50

xmas-designMerry Christm- no wait, that’s a bit too early

The year draws to a close and it’s time to start the Christmas preparations. Today I spent some hours on setting up my Christmas decoration. As you can see, this also involves my blog. Didn’t take me long to decide on what to do. It’s nothing spectacular but I hope you’ll like it nevertheless.


As for my room, I got me an artificial Christmas tree. It’s the first artificial tree I ever had. Back at my parents’ place we always had a Nordmann fir. So I’m a little disappointed since the scent is missing. And I’ve gotta find a nice star for the top of the tree.


Also bought a luminous LED-Star. Cost me 20€. Damn, this kinda stuff is expensive these days, but oh well, I like it shiny.

Light Chain

My figures got a Light Chain. I have to admit, it looks crappy on the pic but in reality it’s pretty neat.


Miyako and the others seem to like their new lighting.


My desktop, of course, didn’t remain untouched either. Haaah~ Dual-Screens are wonderful.

Do you guys enjoy decorating your rooms/homes for Christmas too?