Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2

13. December 2009 05:06

cod61“Care Package Inbound!”

First off I’d like to apologize for my absence here. Last blog post was two weeks ago… ugh. But I have an excuse. Well, at least I think this is one. But my copy of Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 arrived last week. Since then I was busy playing.  Mostly online of course.

MW2 Screen 1

The graphics are nice. Just what I expect from a CoD game. The story mode was yet again WAY too short and a bit stupid but kinda entertaining. Terrorists, Russians, Americans… the usual… OH WAIT! There is something new. Apart from missions in Russia, the Middle East and the US, you’ll be dropped into Brazil too, to go Rambo on some baddies asses.

MW 2 Screen 2

Okay, whatever. Who cares for the Story Mode? CoD is meant to be a multiplayer game. And there it’s really, really fun. Infinity Ward made here quite some changes compared to CoD4. New modes, new weapons, callsigns, accolades, bla bla bla. Okay even in the online mode is something to moan about. I personally liked the weapons in CoD4 better. :( I’m pretty serious with the FN SCAR-L though. So it’s not that bad.

companioncrateI love these callsigns

So far I was playing every night together with comrade GREW. Hell yeah, Kiddy pwnage is awesome…

…even Robin Williams knows that.

Oh, about the main pic of this article… I always make stuff like that when I really like games. It’s now my wallpaper on the Xbox 360. Two years ago I did that with CoD4 as well.

COD 4It’s still in use as wallpaper on my PS3

So if someone wants to join GREW and me, just leave your Xbox Live Name in the comments.