Merry Christmas

23. December 2009 00:52

Merry Christmas!…to everyone!

Ugh, okay. I actually wanted to post a new loot update since I haven’t done that since October. Unfortunately I was kinda busy with work (and *cough* playing Modern Warfare 2 *cough*)  so this plan stayed what it was. Just a plan. Anyways, tomorrow I’ll leave to spend Christmas with my family in Berlin.


I’ll have my Laptop with me and a neat internet connection but don’t expect any updates within the next few days. I’ll be really, really busy with family business. Jeez, why am I busy all the time? All I want is relxing a bit. :V

I wonder if we’ll have White Christmas this time. Last time we had those was like… uuuh… I don’t even remember when that was! Must’ve been a friggin long time ago. As you can see below, there was some snow the bygone weeks…


How did that happen?!



…but now most of it already melted.

Oh… oh right. My Marisa arrived on Sunday. She’s great. Once again, good work from Kotobukiya.


More pictures of her will follow soon. …maybe. If someone is able to destroy my Xbox 360 or steal my MW2.

So yeah, before I go I’ll leave something here, I just found today. “Blazing Heart” by L3. Enjoy!

I should really should start checking up on Touhou music on a regular basis again.

Merry Christmas, everyone!