THIS BLOG IS ALIVE! Oh btw, Happy New Year ‘n stuff~

10. January 2010 19:35

Happy New Year!Welcome to 2010!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. This blog, and therefore me, is still alive. I’m just busy with stuff I can’t really talk about. Well, not at the moment that is. Later in March I may (or may not) reveal something about that project I’m working on. So look forward to it (or not)! Yeah… so much for the lame excuses.

So how’s it going my dear readers? Have you had a good start into the new decade?

I for one really had. I spent New Years with a couple of friends over in Rotterdam. We had some crazy stuff going on. Like art sessions or lets-make-this-stew-absolutely-inedible-by-throwing-in-random-ingredients events.

GA NabePicture is higly related

On January 1st at 00:01 am someone, probably me, came up with a glorious idea. “Yay! Hey, it’s new years! Let’s just walk through town!” So we did… for 4 freaking hours @ -10°c apparent air temperatur. We felt absolutely whacked when we came back. But at least we had a nice encounter with a shopping cart (kinda explains the main pic~) … and the police. (For further Information I recomment you to read Talon’s Blog and invoke his wrath by leaving a nice commend~ ;P / Oh btw, it’s German! HOLY SHIT!)

rotterdamnThe Rotterdam A.D. 2010 Posse:  idnorant, Talon, De-JaY, Mathes, Freia

Any resolutions for 2010? Nah, not really, since I almost never manage to keep them. Whatev~

One of the good things I came across these few days in 2010 is the current anime season. Some of the new shows aren’t even half bad. So・Ra・No・Wo・To and Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu seem to be fun. Ookami Kakushi is predictable but may be interesteing nonetheless. And Yay!, Hidamari Sketch’s back with a new season and dragged new residents into the Hidamari Apartments!

Hidamari Sketch x ☆☆☆

And additionally here’s something I’m really looking forward to:

Goddammit, that awesome BGM is stuck in muh brainz

So that’s it for the first blogpost this year. I’m back on the project. Ugh… I also have to bother with preparations for a November/December Loot Update.

back to work~

Thank you for reading my blog in 2009. I hope to see you around in 2010 as well!