[Game] ef – a fairy tale of the two. for PS2

12. January 2010 02:29

ef PS2Old news is old. I blog anyway.

I’d feel bad if I wouldn’t blog about this. What a horrible minori fanboy would I be? Well, here goes!

Oh joy! In December, Eroge Porter COMFORT, currently working on Ricotta’s Princess Lover!, announced that they’ve picked up minori’s ef – a fairy tale of the two. to release it on PS2. It will contain both games, ef – the first tale. & ef – the latter tale. , which where seperately released for PC back in 2006 and 2008. Of course no ero-content will be featured in their release. Just as usual for Visual Novels on PS2. I’m curious how they’ll deal without the ero and if there’ll be additional content. Judging by the original games I’m expecting a CERO-C (15+) rating.

ef – the first tale. Opening

On April 29th, COMFORT will bring out two versions of the game. A First Press Limited Edition, including a Image Song CD & a two-sided Miyako Miyamura hugging pillow cover, and a Regular Edition, including…uh… nothing but the game itself. The Limited Edition is priced at 9245 whilst the Regular Edition will change hands for  7140.

Check out the official Website

I pre-ordered my Ltd. Edition @AmiAmi for 7480. They have the Regular Edition as well~

Now, enjoy some ef footage

ef 1


ef 3

ef 4

And in other minori-news: Asterisk*, the official soundtrack of eden* – They where  only two, on the planet. will be released on January 29th. Only international shop I found this so far was, once again, AmiAmi. My order has already been placed. I just can’t resist any of  TENMON’s works. <3