Remix: Angel Beats! PV06 -Angelic Break Beats- by Yossy

14. January 2010 23:36

Hooray for more music!

Do you know this? You’re watching a trailer of, let’s say, a movie or anime, or whatever, and the thing you love most about it is the music? Seriously, you’re like “Fuck the rest, but gimme this song!”? Happens to me from time to time. Recently occured with the 6th PV of upcoming Anime “Angel Beats!”, where the massive visual content is accompanied by an awesome orchestral score.

I know, I already posted this some time ago. But I don’t give a f**k! I’d post it over and over if I had to. This is a masterpiece! ROAR!

So yeah, after I found that PV I started a search. A pointless search for the name and the full version of the song. Obviously, I found nothing. …nothing but that incredible breakbeat arrange called “Angel Beats! PV06 -Angelic Break Beats-” I posted on top of this post. It’s made by some Japanese guy called “Yossy”. That man knows his onions. Check out his site: You’ll find the mp3 of this and some other songs. Great stuff. Thank you, Yossy!

Angel by Nanao NaruAngel by Nanao Naru <3

Yuri & Angel

Yuri by Na-Ga

Please excuse me now, gotta drive this song in Audiosurf.

This post is dedicated to Yuuka_Kazami. Oh you little attention whore, you.