Belated Loot Update 1

31. January 2010 11:42

LootBetter late than never!

I just noticed I haven’t posted a loot update for ages (3 months). It isn’t that much anyway since I plundered my bank account for my new car. So here’s the November/December Loot.


  • Lucky Star Vol. 2
  • Lucky Star Vol. 3
  • Sunshine Sketch Vol. 3
  • GA Vol. 2
  • Black God Vol. 6
  • Black God Vol. 7
  • Hayate the Combat Butler Vol. 13
  • OTACOOL – Worldwide Otaku Rooms

Haven’t really had time to read all that stuff. The only thing I read right away was Hidamari. I’m always having hard times waiting for the next volume. Occasionally I had two OTACOOL books. One which I ordered back in July and another which I won @dannychoo. Already sold one though.


  • Gran Turismo
  • Grand Theft Auto – Episodes From Liberty City
  • Call of Duty – Moder Warfare 2

Woah, I bought games. That’s kinda rare. I just couldn’t stand amazon UK’s prices. I would’ve paid double the price if I bought them in a local store or amazon germany. All of those are fun. I’m still addicted to MW2.

GTA is pretty cool too. Two games in one. “The Lost and Damned” isn’t really my cup of tea, but “The legend of Gay Tony” is great. Tanks, heavily armed helicopters and glamour. That’s what I missed in the original GTA IV.

What’s left is Gran Turismo for PSP. It’s fun… BUT it’s not as portable as Sony says. One reason is that the races are kinda complex and the other, even more important reason, that it kills your PSPs battery within 90 minutes. Portable Fun, but please stay at home!

Inglorious Basterds

  • Inglorious Basterds – Special Edition Blu-Ray

Got this from Amazon UK as well. 17€, not bad for a brand new Blu-Ray. The Special Edition comes with additional postcards and a nice red box which housed them and the blu-ray itself. What I like most about the movie is the cast. I knew almost 90% of the German Actors which mostly never had a role in a Hollywood movie before. The international actors are also nice though.

mikeMike Myers, lol


Of course, there are figures too.

Nekomiya Nono

Great ¥1500 deal on amiami. She’s really cute and well-made. I have just no idea why she has brown hair. It doesn’t look bad, but Nono originally has blonde-ish hair.

Koto Miyako

Jintoo bought me this kinda old figure in Paris. Thanks for that! Yeah, she doesn’t really follow Nanao Naru’s character design. The only thing that identifies her as Miyako from ef might be the uniform. But I just had to own her. Damn fanboy needs.


She’s my favourite character from Highschool of the Dead. Figure quality is nothing special. But okay. She was a bit pricy. Maybe because she comes with two upper bodies and two additional pairs of boobs.

ero Saya

ero Saya again

Nendo Mio

  • Mio Akiyama Nendoroid by Good Smile Company

She’s a well made Nendoroid. It was no problem to fit her bass where it belongs. Boy, I had a hard time doing that with Bunny Haruhi‘s Guitar. Mio comes with 3 faces. I like the set-up you see above the most.





Detolf 1

And since my figure cabinet became really crowded I finally decided to pay a visit to the local Ikea to get another Detolf.

Detolf 2


On this occasion I also bought a mirror to put behind my old cabinet, for the main purpose to hide the ugly cable mess.

no more cables. bwahaha



Last but not least, here’s what I got for Christmas. A 16GB iPhone 3Gs. I would’ve preferred a HTC HD2 but this is okay too.

The jailbreak was almost the first thing I did with this. I can’t stand the boring main menu.

iPhone MenuSo this is what it looks like now.

That’s it for today. Update 2 (December/January) may follow next week.