International Saimoe League! 2010

31. January 2010 19:03
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saimoe 2010Who will it be?

Hooray, The International Saimoe League is back in the new decade and it’s prettier and shinier than ever before! Preliminaries have begun! You may… NO!… you MUST! go vote now. Vote for great justice! Oh boy, I love votes. They are exciting. If there was a vote how much you love votes, I’d definitely vote 10/10.

International Saimoe League 2010 PV

This first voting round was hard as fuck. There were so many favourite characters within the 9 groups.  T__T

Anyways…. here are my votes:


Oh, by the way the International Saimoe League 2009 winner was none other than~

Winner 2009I’m totally fine with this. Hina for the win!

Thanks for reading, but >>VOTE NOW<<