Angel Sunday “ef – a fairy tale of the two.” Pleasurable Box.

9. February 2010 21:49

Angel SundayNow they let the cat out of the bag

Minori’s new project for 2010 will be another ef fandisc by the name of “Angel Sunday “ef – a fairy tale of the two.” Pleasurable Box.” Details will be unveiled in the March issue of Comptiq wich comes out on February 10. Also, they’ll reveal more and more informations over the time on their website.

Well, what I obviously can say for sure is that we’ll get at least two new characters. A classmate of Mizuki -Okay, I just came across some informations and found out that this girl is also Hayama Mizuki, with her first name spelled differently though. (Would be too much of a spoiler to tell you why that is. Just play the games!)- and her meganekko teacher/mother(?). Also, doesn’t that character design of the new girls look familiar? …


… Of course it does! It’s by Chikotamu, who was in charge of the character design for minori’s latest game “eden* they were only two on the planet.” That makes 3 character designers for a single game:

  • Nanao Naru: Female Characters
  • 2C=Galore : Male Characters + Hirono Nagi
  • Chikotamu: New Characters

Maybe 4, if we get some SD-Character scenes by Shona. Has any other Visual Novel before had more than two character designers?

Damn! I’m SO looking forward to this. More ef, hell yeah! I have to get that Comptiq Magazine for the sake of fanboyism. And SHAFT should better prepare themselves for an OVA or something. Uh oh, I’m indulging in wishful thinking again.

In other news, minori and Comfort released first sample pictures of the Limited Edition content of “ef  – a fairy tale of the two.” for PS2. A two sided Miyamura Miyako Hugging Pillow-cover and a new Image Song CD.

ef PS2 Limited Edition

Just for the record: The PS2 version will be released on April 29. You can pre-order it here.

PS: For todays ISML post check out Fabrice’s Blog. I’m just too much in ef-mood to make another blogpost for today.