ef: 2D vs. Reality

3. April 2010 14:05

ef realityef – a (really) real fairy tale.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m alive. Except for my April Fools Post I haven’t blogged for over one month! The reasons are simple. I just didn’t feel like it since I’m really busy at work. The usual stuff~

Well, minori’s april fools joke (ef – a real fairy tale.) eventually made me move my ass and visit the original location, of ef – a fairy tale of the two., which the fictional town Otowa was based on. And that location would be the German university town Heidelberg.

MapHeidelberg lies on the river Neckar in the state Baden-Württemberg

It’s just about an 90 minute drive from my home so I made it a nice one-day trip.

Her goes the comparison:

➀ Mönchgasse / Heiliggeiststrasse

01 real01 ef

This location was first featured in the first chapter of ef – the first tale. when Hiro found Miyako unconscious lying on the ground next to his damaged Bike, she borrowed to catch a purse snatcher.

➁ St. Peter’s Church

02 real02efThe St. Peter’s Church (ef: Otowa Church) is the oldest church in Heidelberg. As you can see, minori applied some main changes to the bell tower. Also, the interior looks totally different. It’s the key location and featured in all chapters of the ef VNs but not in the anime. They chose another or fictional church for that one.

02b real02b ef

02c real02c ef

02d real02d ef

➂ Hauptstraße / St. Anna-Gasse

03 real03 efLocated at the entrance of the big shopping promenade, they left this location without changes major. Even the hotel sign made it into the game.

➃ Hauptstraße / Sofienstraße / Bismarckplatz

04 real04 efMinori only used the house on the right side, shortened and moved it to another location. The neon sign says Haus Der Brille (tl: House of Glasses). It housed a big optician’s store. The house is originally located kitty-corner location ➂.

➄ Plöck / Neugasse

05 real05 efI found this location by chance on my way home. It was only shown in episode 11 of ef – a tale of memories. On their date, Chihiro and Renji came across this Penny Markt Supermarket. It’s located the next street over from location ➂ and ➃.

➅ Heidelberg Castle

06 real06 efIn episode 10 of ef – a tale of melodies.  a few stylized photos of Heidelberg were shown. One of them shows the destroyed “fat tower” of the Heidelberg Castle.

mapI marked the locations on this map

I hope you liked my little tour through Heidelberg/Otowa. As a little bonus, here’s some more Yuuko in front of St. Peter’s Church:

Yuuko Church 1

Yuuko Church 2

all photos in this article were taken by me