Minori loot Pt. 1: ef PS2 & various stuff

1. June 2010 14:38

minori lootloot, there’s still arriving some.

Holy moly, finally a new blog post from me. Since I’m currently sick at home I had some spare time to take care of my blog. I’m sorry for the long absence and I will be sorry for my future absence. I’ll inform you about it in another blog post (maybe) later this week.

For now, I’ll go with posting some minori loot which arrived through the last 5 months. So much stuff arrived and blogging about everything would take decades- okay, maybe not that long but trust me, It’d take too long… So here’s only the stuff which is worth to be mentioned.

ef – a fairy tale of the two. PS2 [AmiAmi exclusive First Press Limited Edition]

ef PS2

This is the PS2 conversion of both of minori’s ef games; ef – the first tale. & ef – the latter tale., released by COMFORT. They didn’t just convert the game but also added some new event CGs. These are nice to have but just a drop in the ocean since ef almost consists of only event CGs.

ef PS2 box

First thing I noticed about it was the massive box. It’s much bigger than any of the Visual Novel boxes I have so far. It’s now wonder that it is so big though. It has to house the game, a CD and a pillow cover.


The game-disc itself comes with a colored Playing Manual in  usual Amaray PS2 case. It’s rated Cero D (17+) since, even though all ero scenes had been removed, ef features domestic violence.

echt forgather

One of the limited edition’s extras is the “echt forgather” image song CD. The song is sung by Hitomi Harada and, as all the other songs in ef, composed by Tenmon. There are 6 versions on the disc:

1.echt forgather
2.echt forgather KARAOKE
3.echt forgather Blasterhead acid mix
4.echt forgather Floating mix
5.echt forgather banging mix
6.echt forgather (rapbit remix)

You can listen to a sample featuring all the tracks on Gamespot Japan.

more extras

There are also 5 stick posters of the main heroines Miyako, Kei, Chihiro, Mitsuki and Yuuko. I was too lazy to unpack them though. Sorry! The phone card is the AmiAmi exclusive good. Not much but hey!

dakimakura 1

Last, and maybe best extra is a 150x50cm two sided Miyako huggable pillow cover.

dakimakura 2

Naturally, non-ero. ;-P



The eden* soundtrack comes, just like the ef soundtrack, in a beautiful book-like hardcover case.

Asterisk cover

Asterisk CDs

It features 55 songs on 2 CDs, composed by Tenmon & Eiichiro Yanagi. There’s also a booklet filled with interviews.

ef – car documents cover & eden* – New Years Card

minori stuffs~

The cover is originally made for housing Japanese car documents. But a German vehicle license fits just perfect. Minori’s New Years Greeting Card 2010 features Sion from eden*. Nagi from ef was featured om the 2009 card.

ef – the latter tale. Promo Mug

ef mug 1

Just a little, cute mug from 2008, advertising the second ef game. I just can’t bring myself to use it. >:

ef mug 2

ef mug 3

ef mug 4

Alato “ef – a fairy tale of the two.” ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK …but


What looks like the ef soundtrack is actually something even more awesome…


… it’s signed by the master in person!

I’d like to thank Tenmon and my mate in Japan for this awesome item! <3

That’s it for today. Look forward to Part two, featuring Artbooks.