Minori loot Pt. 2: Artbooks

3. June 2010 16:06

minori artbooks1000 Pages of awesomeness

Since I decided to keep my promise this time, here’s part two of my minori loot. This time it’s artbooks only. These too arrived during the last 5 months. …man, every time I write that I feel horrible for having my blog neglected for such a long time…

Uh well, yeah. Whatever~ Here goes

ef TVanimation Complete Fanbook


  • Publisher: MAX Mook
  • Year: 2009
  • Pages: 145
  • Price: ¥2,667
  • Link: HMV Online


Gotta love this size-chart. Pyo~

artbooks_0002_img_5972Character concept works & information

artbooks_0003_img_5973Opening Information

I think this is one of the most interesting parts of the book. The text that appears in the openings of ef memo & melo are fully listed here. Basically, the text from the memo opening is the English version of Chihiro’s book. The German text from the melo OP is a translation of the lyrics of “Yuukyuu no Tsubasa” the opening song of “ef – the first tale.”. What they did thar. I love it.

artbooks_0004_img_5977Various Artworks from DVD covers, posters etc.

artbooks_0005_img_5978Concept sketches

eden* They were only two, on the planet. Visual Fanbook


  • Publisher: Ichijinsha
  • Year: 2010
  • Pages: 128
  • Price: ¥2,500
  • Link: HMV Online



100 Years old… Yes, I’d still espouse her. ° 3 °

artbooks_0009_img_5983More artworks

I so love the Melon-chan cosplay.

artbooks_0010_img_5984Character Artworks

Sion Chibis <3

artbooks_0011_img_5987Opening movie story board

artbooks_0012_img_5988Event CGs

Yes, there are PLUS+MOSAIC CGs too…

artbooks_0013_img_5989Some kind of short story.

I don’t understand Japanese but it looks… interesting. Lavie-nyan~

artbooks_0014_img_5990A 4-pages comic.

Elica makes Sion cosplay Yuuko. So much win! I don’t even care about the seifuku.

…well okay, I do care about the seifuku. But just a little!


Some naughty poster that came with the artbook.

ef – a fairy tale of the two. Art Works


  • Publisher: Enter Brain
  • Year: 2010
  • Pages: 224
  • Price: ¥2,500
  • Link: HMV Online


I love how they put the lineart of the artwork on the slipcover on the book’s actual cover. Yuuko <3

artbooks_0017_img_5995Work & Event Artworks

lots of them

artbooks_0018_img_5996Goods Artworks

Some stuff featured on Dakimakuras, post cards etc. Did I already mention that I like Melon-chan cosplays?

artbooks_0019_img_5999Magazine and Books Artworks & Staff drawings

There’s also a picture my mate drew. Can you guess which it is?

artbooks_0020_img_6001Rough Illustrations

There are linearts for almost every artwork featured on the previous pages.

artbooks_0021_img_6004Mitsuishi Shona SD Characters

Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi; Note: Yuuko Melon-chan cosplay

ef – a fairy tale of the two. Visual Fanbook


  • Publisher: Enter Brain
  • Year: 2010
  • Pages: 512
  • Price: ¥4,000
  • Link: HMV Online

artbooks_0023_img_6007Characters by Nanao Naru

artbooks_0024_img_6008Characters by 2C=Galore


The book is divided into character chapters just like the game. And here is the reason why that thing is 500 pages strong; Almost every Event-CG has been printed on paper in this book. I think this is only interesting to hardcore fans.

artbooks_0025_img_6009Event CGs

artbooks_0027_img_6011Character Synopsis

You find this at the start of every chapter.

artbooks_0028_img_6012the first tale. Opening Storyboard

artbooks_0029_img_6013tha latter tale. Opening Storyboard

artbooks_0030_img_6014Character Design

artbooks_0031_img_6018Background Art

artbooks_0032_img_6019And last but not least, the great slipcover

And that’s it. Phew~ I’m sorry though. I think it became a little boring midway through. >: