Becoming a NEET (maybe?) [Real Life Rage]

5. June 2010 20:50

MovingI’m on the verge of moving… again

Some people among you may know that I moved 700 kilometers away from my home town Berlin just for a job last year. And now, one year later, I’m about to move back to Berlin again. So why is that you ask? Well, the answer is simple yet absurd. My employment contract just didn’t get extended. And the reason for that? That’s even more absurd. My company would’ve had to employ me permanently. That is a pretty common doing in Germany. A company can give you 2 one-year contracts, If they’d extend it a third time they HAVE to emply you permanently. But there aren’t many companies anymore who’d do that nowadays. Because permanent employees cost them too much. They rather use agency workers instead of qualified staff. These agency workers are like bitches who suck massive boss cocks for a pittance. The company can get rid of them at any time. No cancellation periods, nothing. So in my case: I was employed for two years at my company. The first year in Berlin and the second one in Saarbrücken (which is, as stated before 700km away). I was willing to undergo all that in hope to get a permanent contract after the second year. Guess I was wrong about that. I wasn’t able to see how the companies and the community fucks with young people. This is fucking terrible, the people were perfectly satisfied with my work. Colleagues, customers. Everyone! I even was one of the best who ever finished the vocational training at my company. Yet, in the end I get a big fat punch in the face like that.

And since I don’t intend to become some companies cock sucking bitch in the middle of nowhere, I’m going back to Berlin in 3 weeks. Seriously, Saarbrücken is one of the worst places called “City” someone from Berlin could live at. A population of 177.000 instead of 3.500.000, no sights, one cinema instead of… a shitload of them etc+bla. Once I finish moving into my new apartment and chilling out for a bit, I’ll continue to write job applications. I already wrote 10 but all of them failed. People really don’t want a young, skilled employee. If worst comes to worst I’ll go study on some university; I won’t get any money through that but at least I’d be able to do at least something. That or I’ll become a full time NEET. Sweet future prospects~


At least my family supports me. My parents found me a nice apartmen. It’s bigger and much cheaper than the shithole I’m living in at the moment. Note: My current place doesn’t even have a bath tub. I’m a person who hates to shower. I’ll rather take a proper bath.

new apartmentNew apartment

At least I’m looking forward to my new place and being back in Berlin. I love arranging room interiours. YEAH!

Alright, If you excuse me, I’m back to playing my Albatross Koukairoku Trial now.

Albatross KoukairokuI’m on a boat!