Welcome to my new blog…

29. September 2010 11:00

…which kinda looks like the old one. Hmm…

Well yeah, it actually is the old blog. Only with a few little changes. Of course I don’t want to withhold the details.

Firstly, as you should obviously have noticed, I changed the domain and if you were a more or less active reader you may also noticed that my blog is loading much faster now. The problem was, that both, old domain and server were about to expire at the end of September and since I lost my job in July and still don’t have a new one, I just wasn’t able to pay for both to keep them alive. Yes, I’m almost broke at the moment. I’m glad that I still have enough money to pay my rent and insurances and buy some food and gas. It would’ve really broke my heart to see Otaku Days dying like that after almost two years. Gladly, my mate relentlessflame offered to host all the stuff. Thanks a lot for that, man!

And what’s next? I’ve got a few things in my to do list:

  • finally update wordpress – ✓
  • install some plugins & play with some code to make it prettier,faster,better – ✓
  • re-design everything – well… maybe
  • blog more – err…

So yeah, please enjoy the old-NEW Otaku Days!